Dynamo Vs Lokomotiv: Forecast For The Rfpl Match March 30

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February 8, 2022
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On saturday, march 30, in the framework of the 21st round of the russian premier league will host a match between moscow «dynamo» and «locomotive». In the first round, derby ended with a draw 1: 1.

Dynamo VS Lokomotiv: Forecast for the RFPL Match March 30
Content: 1. «Dynamo» able to surprise grand2. «Locomotive» does not lose hope for championship3. Forecast bookmakers on the match «dynamo» – «locomotive»3.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru3.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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bk "league rates"

Confronting «dynamo» and «lokomotiva» does not have such a hands-out sign, as, for example, the struggle of cska with «spartak», but still, according to tradition, the fight clubs from one city – this is the heat of emotions and passions. Since 1992 (i.E., since the formation of the russian football championship), the clubs held 53 fights. Of these, 24 victories remained in the account «railway», fourteen – w «white-blue», 15 times the teams played a draw.

View meeting «dynamo» from «locomotive» you can on the tv channel «match prime». The start of the broadcast is scheduled for 13:00 moscow time.

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«Dynamo» knows how to surprise grande

Passed those times when moscow «dynamo» could be scattered by millions of suggestions for buying star players. In recent years, moscow club – this is a good middle journal of the russian championship and a periodic donor of young talents for the current grande. However, anyway «speakers» surprise with their unexpected results.

So, this season, the club was able to play a draw almost with all the leaders of the championship race: «ruby», cska, «rostov» and «locomotive». Not without real sensation when «white-blue» beat at home «zenith». Will the efforts of dmitry khokhlov’s wards for another miracle on his field – question.

Dynamo knows how to surprise the Grande

Istchonik photo: twitter.Com

«Locomotive» does not lose hope for championship

«Railway» not immediately able to successfully get out of «winter hibernation». After the sensational assfront in the game with «wings of the soviets» they were able to get a second stay in the cup, beating «ruby», and after that, without any problems, «anji». The absence of european cubes greatly simplifies the life of the seminem by the ward, which gives the exit as a result.

But to derby «loco» may not come up in better form. And the fault of the two most complex match for the team. First s «krasnodar» in the rfpl, and then with «rostov». Moreover, for the seminem this period will be one of the most difficult in the season, because after the game with «dynamo» his team is waiting for a response meeting with «rostov» in the cup, then – game s «zenit», and through tour – with cska. With such a saturation with a high probability, the mentor will try to apply rotation in the game with «white-blue», what can pay as a result.

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Forecast bookmakers on the match «dynamo» – «locomotive»

Bookmakers in the upcoming match «dynamo» – locomotive» predict more likely victory «lokomotiva».

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Dynamo» – 3.10;
  • «Locomotive» – 2.40;
  • Draw – 3.0.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Dynamo» – 3.25;
  • «Locomotive» – 2.Fifty;
  • Draw – 3.0.

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