Dzhanket Segment Received Widespread Development Outside Macau

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January 28, 2022
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Dzhanket operators who have won their popularity thanks to the maintenance of chinese vip players in the macau casino market, note that now their business abroad is growing faster than on the main market. About this last thursday, february 21, said morgan stanley.

DZHANKET Segment Received Widespread Development Outside Macau

«On february 21, we met with concessionaires, dzhanket operators and more than 20 investors, – analysts were stated by the correct choudhari and jeremy an from morgan stanley asia ltd. – as for market operators, overseas business is growing faster than in macau. Growth mainly goes from philippines, vietnam and cambodia, while south korea and australia demonstrate not so high indicators».

A number of investors from macau, including the suncil group, work in regional markets, such as philippines.

Operators plan to go to a new entertainment resort

Sevel gianket operators macau are either already present, or plan to launch their services in the nagaworld resort complex, which includes the extension naga 2. The resort is located in phnompene, cambodia, and is managed by nagacorp ltd registered in hong kong.

Earlier this month, nagacorpted that it experts all the four largest gianket operators macau will work in naga 2 by 2019. Nagacorp did not specify what companies are we talking about.

Operators Plan to Go to a New Entertainment Resort

In addition, tak chun group, another leading gembling investor macau, announced that it is preparing to open a gambling club for vips in the nagaworld resort complex in mid-february. The ad does not specify whether the gambling establishment was located in the original building nagaworld or near naga 2.

The data published this week by the philippine casino regulator pagcor showed that gross income from gambling (ggr) generated by the casino segment in the country amounted to 51.94 billion filipino pesos ($ 995.4 million) for the full 2018, which is 24, 4% more compared to the same period last year and is 27.7% of the total gross income of the casino for the pereiod.

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