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April 13, 2022
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According to the italian media, artem dzuba can move to the series and this winter. Such a proposal to «zenit» may contact milansky «inter» on request personally antonio corte.


Jüb wanted to the submarine and can get into the series a

Artem dzyuba has always been considered a high-quality and good player, but mainly for the russian championship. A real jump in his career occurred after renting in tula «arsenal», return b «zenith» and world championship in russia. The leadership qualities of artem and his utility on the mundial attracted great attention not only from the clubs of the russian federation, but also from abroad.

Now st. Petersburg «zenith» without jiby, it is even difficult to imagine, as, however, and the russian national team. Forward is experiency the second youth and with each match as if showing new skills. It is not surprising that all new and new rumors appear in transfer windows around his person.

This summer, st. Petersburg grand refused to give artem to one of the clubs of the apl. At the same time, in the summer of next year, the striker expires the contract, and the news about its extension has not yet appear. And this means that the upcoming winter around the name «dzüba» will twist even more rumors. Moreover, they are already starting their movement.

According to the daily milan newspaper il giornale, local «inter» seriously aims at artem this winter. Journalists claim that the recent trauma of alexis sanchez forces antonio conte to look for an urgent strengthening of the attacking line, since only lukaki, martinez and two players reserve remained at his disposal – politano and esposito.

Local'Inter' seriously aims at Artem this winter

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Milan club plans to seriously compete for the championship in italy, and antonio wants to acquire an experiated and formed forward. Such, he considers artem juba and olivier fat. This season, russian played 12 matches and distinguished 5 goals and 6% by the club only for the club. Even better his statistics looks in the game for the national team – 9 goals in 8 matches and 5 assists.

According to the transfermarkt portal calculations, the market price of a footballler is about €16 million. But taking into account the fact that in the contract will remain only six months, «inter» can try to sway to a smaller amount. It is also possible only if artem does not renew the new agreement with the st. Petersburg club. Forward himself declared than he was not against try his hand in the submarine. However, the series and again gains in popularity and there are increasingly moving players by type ronaldo, ramsi and lukaki, so perhaps you should try your strength and in italy.

About whether artem dzyuba will remain in «zenit», we reflected in a separate article.

Earlier, we we wrote that artem dzuba became one of the creators of victory «zenita» on lche.

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