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January 31, 2022
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Electronic arts (ea) revises its european conditions of the game related to the ultimate team mode in the fifa video game series, in order to avoid further regulate. Is reported that the last "fifa patch" includes entering a code that will allow developers to disconnect ultimate team in some countries where contradictory gambling laws apply. The fut watch database has published a code for a pop-up message tat for: "fifa ultimate team is currently unavailable at the request of the authorities of your region".

Compliance with european gambling laws was a serious problem for the developer in recent years, since the presence of lutboks in ea games (especially fifa) led to regulatory fines and judicial disputes.

This news appeared, despite the fact that the presence of lutboks in video games attracts considerable attention to the public, especially with respect to the harmful effects that they may have on young people.

Earlier this year, the teenager jonathan penicket told bbc, as he sport 3,000 pounds from his savings on fut packs after addicted to buying players in video games.

"I emphasize that before saying that i feel obliged to tell my story about howe" gambling in lutbox "led to one of the worst events in my life," he said tv presenter.

"I clearly remember hown if i first asked my money to buy sets, and my disappointment, when my father said that the kits are" excite "before finally agreed. Four years spent more and more money for player sets ».

Outside europe, ea faced problems with regard to lutbox classification in the the united states and canada. The publisher of the games faced a fine of 10 million euros in the netherlands in 2018 after the kansspelatoriteit dutch gambling authority (ksa) ruled that fifa lutboxs, famous in the game as player packages violate the rules of the country.

In his statement, the representative of ksa said:

"Gamers are often young and theraefore especially subject to dependence. Thus, in such games there is no place azart.

In the beginning of this year, a lawyer argued that fifa ultimate team should be classified as a gaming product after his client sport more than 600 euros for a five-month period, and not received a "large player ".

In some regions, such as belgium, players can use the ultimate team mode, but the are allowed to buy players only for in-game currency, fut coins, to create their own team, and not for real money.

Game developers steated that lutboxs are used in the gameplay as a vital component of content monetization. Moreover, in their opinion, the regulators consider a number of in-game components as lutboxes, ernoneously classifying so "game awards" for players who have achieved skills or a new level of competence.

In the summer of 2020, the eu published a report "domestic market and consumer protection" (imco) concerning lutboks and game designs, which describes in detail a number of legislative difficulties in the regulatory bodies of member states, distinguishing laws on games and gambling.

Meanwhile, in the uk, dcms stated this she would continue his first review of the controls of lutboks in the framework of the revision of the 2005 gambling law, in which he promised to the to minors. Due to the change in the circumstances, ea may simply delete this function in some countries after it is forced to remove lutbox in other regions.

Source: edition sbc news

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