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March 21, 2022
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Euro games technology notic noticing best result in the 300 best business leaders of bulgaria, 2019, taking 7th place among the 300 most successful enterprises of all industries in the country, and received a reward "this leader" for a year. The company’s ebitda for 2019 is about 212 million leftions (us $ 131.4 million), which is 23% more compared to 2018.

The initiative "true leader" was organized by icap bulgaria – the largest consulting group in southeastern europe, which is part of the icap group, recognized by the "credit rating agency" by european securities and markets management in the region. The rating is based on several measured and objective indicators for which only officially published information is used. Not a jury, nor public surveys on the results did not affect. Participating companies corresponded to four main criteria: they are members of the most profitable enterprises in 2019 (in terms of ebitda), increased their staff in the relevant year, differ in high creditworthiness and are leaders in their field.

2019 was successful for the bulgarian economy and for egt, in particular. The company published new markets, released a series of slot machines, enriched the game content and expanded the dealer network. During the industry difficult for the 2020, the 2020, the industry diffictult for the 2020, the its internal processes, moving its administration to a much larger and more modern business center and has invested funds in the automation of its manufacturing enterprise. Two new subsidiaries were also created for further diversification of the portfolio and access to new market segments.

In 2021, egt plans to launch new products anymore and pay more attention to the high level of service of its customers.

Source: official egt website

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