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January 13, 2022
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The governments agency of thailand have developed a solution based on a blockchain, which will serve to conduct elections in the country.

Elections in Thailand Will Pass Using the Blockcha

According to the local edition of bangkok post, the national center for electronics and computer technologies of thailand (nectec), the ministry of science and technology division, has already completed the development of a blockchain-based voting system and is currently looking for testing partners.

«Nectec has developed blockchain technology for electronic voting, which can be applied to the elections at the national, provincial or community levels, as well as to the voting in business circles, for example, on the board of directors. The goal is to reduce fraud in this area and keep data integrity», – notic chalet vorakulpat, head of cybersecurity laboratory in necec.

At this stage, the agency plans to test the blockchain system on a smaller scale, for example, for universities, provinces and communicities.

For large-scale implementation, such as public elections, organizations will need more time, as each voter must have an affordable mobile internet connection and undergo identity identification procedure reported in the vorsakulpipat report.

Sevel countries have already attempted to use blockchain technology to organize a more efficient election process. Back in november, south korea announced that it was going to test the blockchain system in order to improve the reliability and security of online voting.

Previously, experts shared opinions about whether the blockchain technology integrate into the work network process «facebook».

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