Elizabeth Tuktamysheva – 23: As An Athlete Makes A Curvature In Figure Skating

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April 26, 2022
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Today, december 17, the famous figure skater elizabeth tuktamysheva celebrates his birthday. The world champion, europe, russia and the grand prix finals marks 23 years. About how the birthday girl turns the idea of ​​figure skating, – in our material.

Elizabeth Tuktamysheva - 23: As an athlete makes a curvature in figure skating

The main gift of tuktamysheva did herself

Time rushes with unimaginable speed. It seemed that quite recently fans of figure skating were shaky by awareness of the fact that evgenia medvedeva was already 20 years old, as new – elizabeth tuktamysheva already 23. During his career, lisa was spent several times and falling up, won titles and disappeared from sight for several years. But now the ward of the famous coach alexei mishina returned again and proves his example that after 20 career single figure skaters will not end, despite the latest trends.

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Possessing always excellent technique and amplitude jumps, lisa revenge on first a single quadper jump (tulup) first, and after a couple of weeks cascade 4t + 3t. And it became a real bomb in the information field. Yes, russian woman and previously owned the jump category ultra-si, triple axel, who more than once allowed the figure skater to win competitions. But a quadruple jump in the eru of sports rejuvenation – this is completely different.

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Recently, on the wave of success trio eter tutberidze – anna shcherbakova, alexandra podovoy and alena cross – two opinions were seriously rooted:

  1. Thunder jumps worth the future of female figure skating.
  2. To perform quadruple, it is necessary to teach them necessarily since childhood.


On the eve of his birthday, tuktamyshev made a magnificent gift to himself, other figure skaters and fans – proved on his example that a quadruple is possible to learn, even if you are not a fragile teenager. Ahead of the russian championship, and lisa have a good chance to show their new developments and create serious competition seemingly unattainable troika.

But this is all then, but for now lisa with a clean conscience can enjoy congratulations from loved ones, colleagues and fans on their birthday.

About take-offs and drops of tuktamysheva during her long career we wrote in a separate article.

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