Emelyanenko – Cocmeys: Plotovka In The Restaurant, Or Trištoking In Russian

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April 11, 2022
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Emelianenko’s fight with coconaevo attracts great attention to the media, although the winner is so easily guessed. Despite this, athletes continue to maintain interest in it among the number of trištoking and even the scuffle. Read more in material.

Emelyanenko - Cocmeys: Plotovka in the restaurant, or trištoking in Russian

Alexander emelianenko put damage to coconian cap: what will happen during the battle

This morning edition «news» reported an incident that occurred during a full-time bet between alexander emelianenko and mikhail kokleyev, whose battle was scheduled for november 29. This meeting was the first in real life after the exacerbation of their conflict, which they supported in instagram. According to media, the initiator of the event was the video unit azamat bostanov, author of the channel bostanof mma.

It turned out a meeting, to put it mildly, «not really». From the video, which is published on the blogger page, it can be noted that the conflict and sweat itself turned out some very children’s. Even the staged raids of wilder in relation to tyson fury look more convincingly and dangerous. You can read about them in our separate material.

Athletes who promise to destroy each other in the ring at the end of autumn, began to throw in each other not direct, side or apercot, and cap. That more resembled a game in hot potatoes than a full conflict. Full video azamat promised to post later.

At the same time after another hit «the bull’s eye» from emelianenko, a small dissection appeared on the face of cocmeyev, which perfectly approached the illumination of all the seriousness of the conflict from the media.

But a natural question arises. If mikhail’s face suffered just from the caps in him, what happens to him after several blows. After all, during his career, emelianenko has repeatedly proved that they can do it perfectly. In his opinion, whatever cockaev was laid out video with blows on the pear, his whole strength is hardly enough to resist the experienced mma fighter.

We advise you to read our article on how the conflict was born and eventually reached the fight.

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