Emelyanenko’S Fighter Proved That Departure From Social Networks Went To Him

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June 27, 2022
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Mma mma emelianenko’s fighter was not joking the fans with his disappairance of social networks. A few months later, alexander explained before fans, but to return former activity in «instagram» began only now: sambist showed a new photo.

EmelyaNenko's Fighter Proved That Care With Social Networks Went To Him

Fighter alexander emelyanenko pleased his subscribers in «instagram» new post

Fighter mma alexander emelyanenko screamed his page in «instagram» after the defeat from magomed ismailov at the end of june of this year. At first it look natural and expected – alexander could not react to defeat in battle, on the eve of which was confident in his own triumph.

But these months, and the russian fighter emelianenko, together with his cult page in «instagram» more and more forgotten fans of mma. Inddition, alexander emelianenko became much less common to give comments by the media and speak publicly about this or that. First, the disappearance of the fighter from the media space was disturbed even his last rival magomed ismailova, who was going to look for emelianenko and return it to normal life.

All because among the fans and the fightsers the information was distributed that the sambist fell into depression and again addicted to alcohol. However, alexander personally denied this information and explained his loss by the fact that all his things remained in grozny, and the phone dropped all the passwords that the fighter does not know.

Fighter Alexander EmelyaNenko

In a separate material, we told about explaining the fighter of their disappearance from social networks.

Over the past two weeks, alexander emelyanenko laid out three posts that became the first after almost three-month pause. Of course, this is not the activity that was on the page of the fighter before (the sambist has suffered a story and publication daily), but a positive trend is still traced.

In its latest publication, alexander emelyanenko showed himself during the procedure of improving wrapping. Signed the post of fighter in his habitual minimal style: «wrapped».

Alexander Emelianenko

Athlete’s subscribers perceived the publication ambiguous: many began to write negative comments on the lifestyle of alexander, who he led before. This is about «drunks and lawlessness», which, in their opinion, returned to the defeat from the fighter after the defeat from magomed ismailova.

Also many users «instagram» in the comments, trying to submit their thoughts in a softer form, swallowed over the fighter that he undergoes a wellness course after alcoholic poisoning.

In a special article we talked about the reaction of the older brother alexander emelianenko fedor on his defeat from ismailov.

Earlier, we we wrote about the reconcilition of alexander emelianenko and magomed ismailova.

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