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April 11, 2022
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The first fight alexander stream in havuwe’s will not take place. Then the ukrainian injury, the opponent refuses to go to the ring. Now, when it left for less than a week left, his opponent tyrone spong can be disqualified. Read more in material.


Tendril – spong: wada counted that it is not necessary

Only yesterday we published the material in which alexander ukil finished in chicago for the final battle of views, press conferences and battle, as everyone turned upside down. Cause in the message eddie harn in twitter. Promoter at 2 o’clock in the morning published a post in which the world anti-doping agency (wada) was contacted by the organizers of the fight and reported that prohibited substances were found in tyrona sponga. Fighter was sent to the ellino state commission for additional tests. More details of eddie promised to tell in the morning.

We have been contacted by vada to inform us tat there has been an adverse finding in tyrone spong’s test. It has been sent to the state of illinois commission and further information will be reelased in the morning. We have reserve opponents standing by.

— eddie hearn (@eddiehearn)
october 7, 2019

At the cancellation of the event itself on october 12 does not go, so fans do not have an unknown amount of time to expect the mustache debut. Hearn assured all boxing fans that have fighters who can replace tyron. This, of course, is a little soothing those who bought tickets. After all, the majority will come to watch the duel still because of the mustache and not because of spong. However, this may have unpleasant consequences for ukrainian.

Remember the doping scandal associated with jarrell miller who was supposed to meet wat anthony joshua. Caused by the replacement of andy ruiz made the main apex of this year by knocking out a previously incasionable british. It is very important that the opponent does not change in a matter of days before the training program for battle is based on the rival.


True, wilder believees that joshua will lose in revenge – read more in our article.

It may also occur that spong will spend the fight will of the a repeated failure of the doping sample. Detailed happy to dillian white before meeting with oscar rivas. British boxer, in whose blood traces of the prohibited drug were discovered, managed to appeal. True, in the case of alexander stool and tyrone, sprong, if this happens, the ukrainian can decide himself, take battle with «stained» fighter or not.

Recall that the oscar of rivas ukada did not warn about the positive sample of the opponent and the battle took place.

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