End Of Disputes On The Conflict Of Gage And Medvedeva: They Are In Good Relationships

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April 15, 2022
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All last season was held in the reasoning fans about the possible conflict between evgenia medvedeva and alina zagito. Commentators on forums and social networks argued about the hatred of athletes to each other. But it seems, in this dispute you can put a point.

End of disputes on the conflict of gage and Medvedeva: they are in good relationships

Conflict zagitova vs medvedev only in fans heads

It is no secret that, thanks to the successes of russian athletes on the world stage in figure skating, this sport is experiencing a huge wave of popularity, and with her comes and high attention to the life of the heroine. Each step of the figure skater is now being discussed by fans and heyters. Some at the slightest victory are extolled their favorite, and others are looking for a reason to make each achievement.

This leads to colossal pressure, so you can still read stories that figure skaters refuse social networks on the eve of large competitions so that the did not distract anything. But even such a decision does not affect the behavior of fans, because without the active presence of their favorite, they enough content to build theories and assumptions.

So, last season the conflict between evgenia medvedeva and alina zagitova was actively discussed. And despite the fact that both athletes thenetes between them are no tensions between them, the fans did not believe in it and continued to convey their truth, considering that the champion just do not want to advertise their dislike.

How strongly the fans are influenced by the moral feeling of athletes, we were told in a separate material on the example of anastasia gubanova.

But believe the words of their idols, then, maybe the will believe a third-party observer. Thus, lisa nugumanova’s figure skater in an interview with elena rodina told about his vision of the situation. According to the athletes, there is no conflict between alina and zhenya.

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She saw them at the last championship of russia in saransk and argues that girls «very well communicate». Moreover, according to lisa, no hatred and in relation to tutberidze. They do not pass by each other, do not downhill their nose, politely greet.

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Frequently, fans believe that if ther outraged by one or another act, ther subject of adoration thinks the same. Fans react very brightly on, in their opinion, injustice, but forget that their idols can feel differently and do not always need their protection.

Love russian figure skaters and support them in all tournaments, because the defend the country’s honor. You can leave your opinion in the comments.

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