End Of The Spanish Era: Only Representatives Of The Final Will Play In The Final Of The European Cup

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February 21, 2022
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Both finals of major tournaments in europe – champions league and europa league – will be this year by english. It still difficult to believe it, because in 5 years in a row, spanish clubs literally privatized their victories in these tournaments. But now the paradigm has changed, understand why.

End of the Spanish era: Only representatives of the APL will play in the final of the European Cup
Content: 1. Era of domination of spanish clubs: «real», «barcelona», «atletico» and «seville»2. Winners of eurocups from 2014 to 20183. Goodbye, «real», hi, «liverpool»: cause of curious english clubs4. When was the last english final

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Era of domination of spanish clubs: «real», «barcelona», «atletico» and «seville»

Few people will argue that the champions league and europa league are attracted to themselves more than the national championships and even the game teams (if it comes, of course, not about the world championships or other international forums). It’s all about the opportunity to see how best will face the best. It resembles interspecific confrontations in martial arts, where the winner will prove, whose style of battle is better: emphasis on the defense of italian teams, anti-football soccer, power english or combination – spanish.

This, of course, the most simplified version of perception, but approximately it happens. True, in the past five years, european cups have become less interesting for one reason: with a huge share of probability it was possible to predict the winner at the beginning of the tournament. They were supposed to be the spanish team.

Just look at the table below. In the last 10 champions league and europa league, 9 wins on the account of the spaniards. Moreover, in the champions league in 2014 and 2016, the final was even held between madrid clubs.

Winners of eurocups from 2014 to 2018

Winners of Eurocups from 2014 to 2018

Goodbye, «real», hi, «liverpool»: the cause of the coolness of the english clubs

But this year, the hegemony of the spaniards officially approached the end. Ahead of us will be waiting for two absolutely english finals. In lch for victory will compete «liverpool» and «tottenham», and in the europa league – «arsenal» and «chelsea». But how it happened that in one year all the spanish clubs failed, and the british went to the fore?

I think the most correct answer will be the fact that – the most competitive championship in which large finances and opportunities are concentrated.

That money does not always play a key role in its example proves psg. More about the problems of the french club we wrote in a separate material.

But money – it’s only half of success. The fact is that the return of the former league works a huge number of high-class coaches and players who come to england to challenge themselves and prove their consumption. Here is a small list of coaches wh are now headed by various clubs in the apl:

  • Josep guardiola
  • Jürgen klopp;
  • Mauricio pentelino;
  • Maurizio sarry;
  • Unai emery;
  • Raphael benitez;
  • Manuel pellegrini;
  • Brendan rogers;
  • Ralph hazenhetl;
  • Nunu espirita santo.

Each of these specialists familiar to people interested in football. Many of them won european cup trophies, championship in different countries and in england or at least the best in the tactical plan. In fact, the tactical arena, on which the best experts of the world try their strength, and the world of the world.

Tempered by battles with each other clubs from the premier league this season crushed all their opponents, creating a few truly incredible matches. Remember cambake mj against psg, «liverpool» against «barcelona» and «tottenham» against «ayjax».

Read more read about the incredible game of kloppa’s wards on tuesday in our special review.

The year of the premier league ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / mouvoa3knf

— b / r football (@brfootball)
may 9, 2019.

At the same time, a decline occurred in spain this season. «Real» madrid experienced the strongest crisis after zydan’s departure, and then his return and according to the total «barcelona» early and without any problems won the example. Insecure this year looked «atletico» madrid, and as on aerican slides – «seville» and «valencia». As a result: two spanish teams got to the semi-finals of european cups, but the were not enough to.

When was the last english final

The story still has a circle or spiral, and under the moon nothing new. What we see now have already happened. British clubs have already dominated the european arena. 10-15 years ago to see in the final of the european cup of the club name from the apus. And the case was also in the personalities and general competition.

Mj sir alex ferguson confronted brilliant «arsenal» arsena wenger, «liverpool» raphael benitez i «chelsea» best sample jose mourinho. So, for 5 years in a row (2004-2009), english clubs played in the final. Just during this period and there was the last english final (until that year). On the stadium field «luzhniki» faced «manchester united» and «chelsea». The victory in the penalty series won «red devils».

We previously told that guardiola and klopp are struggling for the title of the best coach this season.

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