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May 10, 2022
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Enjoy Creates A New Component

After the shareholders’ meeting, enjoy determined the formation of its new board of directors after restructuring.

The company confirmed that the members of the board of directors are nichrys davis, henry comber, jorge lesser, khaim maluk and aldo lem. In addition, pierre piercarelli, ignacio perez, fernando rioodeco and ana maria eagelian will continue their positions.

"Enjoy successfully completes one of the last stages of reorganization, which began only a year ago and on which an agreement was reached in august, the process that was undoubtedly one of the most difficult company in chile in chile in the context of a pandemic, with full closure. Operations, with multiple negotiation fronts and with the need to standardize the process in the united states, "- quoted diario financiero.

Rodrigo larrain, general director enjoy, added:

"The company is still in a stronger position in order to continue to achieve strong progress in our enjoy transformation strategic plan, which we started in mid-2019 to maintain future profitable growth and continue to lead in the industry. In the region ".

Changes in the board of directors are associated with the change of majority shareholders of the debt enjoy in stocks, as a result of which the advent and the martinez family remained only 10 percent of the company.

Source: focus latino america

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