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February 1, 2022
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Boss Gaming Solution to Partner with Enteractive

Customer databases will be used for (re) activation cloud

Enteractive, the company in the field of re-activation and rettention of players in the igaming industry must provide boss gaming solutions to their unique cloud services (re) activation cloud with an emphasis on customer activation both in boss casino and bootlegger casino.

Enteractive began calling boss players in november 2020 at game markets, including germany, canada, finland, norway and netherlands.

Using a more individual approach to interaction with the players, calling them directly to discuss their accounts and confirm that the can make a deposit without any serious problems with games, enteractive is a unique scale of crm offers. The company has more than 100 local telephone agents for all major european markets and works worldwide in the markets, including japan, new zealand, latam and north america.

Daniel fernandez, head of crm department in boss, said:

"This partnership with enteractive will help us attract more players from the segments without a deposit, which may be harder to achieve with our regular activities on crm. Personal approach shows our players that we think about them and allows them to interact more closely with our brand ".

Thanks to the enteractive retention-as-as-service platform, boss expects gaming will increase the level of retention of players due to conversations with the players one on one, and also promotes environmentally friendly entertainment using accredited procedures of the responsible game.

Mikael hansson, founder and general director of enteractive, commented:

"Nowadays, players require closer relationship with igaming brands. Our personal calls contribute to improved confidence and loyalty, which allows operators to reduce user outflows and achieve more fruitful communication with their players.

Easy to integrate and high profitability of investment for customers means that the personalized and responsible approach enteractive highlights the company among other conversion offers or re-activation, increasing the value of the player brand with each call. In connection with the expansion of global coverage of new markets in 2020, more igaming brands than ever, now benefit from the enteractive ability to re-interact with inactive players scalable and personalized.

Source: official site enteractive

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