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October 18, 2022
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Entercom communications corp., brand fanduel announced the completion of the transaction for the acquisition of the igaming ql gaming group at the total amount of about 32 million dollars. Thanks to this acquisition, entercom sports broadcasting stations will gain a huge impact.

Qlgg technology portfolio includes data and analytics about sports rates, predictions of sports results based on modeling and game forecasts (accuscore), as well as atp and wta tours in accordance with the subscriber base and licensing capabilities.

"Since the market of sports betting continues to grow, the acquisition of ql gaming group is ideal for our unsurpassed sports audio platform," said david field, chairman, president and chief executive officer entercom. "The integration of analytics and content ql with our brands allows us to provide unprecedented opportunities for sports lovers".

Justin park, co-founder and chief executive officer qlgg noted:

"We are very pleased to join the leading sports audio platform and convey our knowledge and experience in the field of bets to such a devotee and devotional fan base. Now we can offer sports lovers a completely unique offer to which there is no equal ".

The core of the new offer is a powerful qlgg application for sports betting, betql. It democratizes sports rates using a patented algorithm and extended analytics, providing data directly to consumers, the number of which monthly reaches almost 30 million. The new offer on the basis of the subscription simplifies sports rates, from a beginner to a professional, and gives consumers access to sports data, news and real-time content on any device.

Source: official website entercom

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