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April 20, 2022
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On monday, the cost of the cryptocurrency eos was $ 3,0743, the fall price was 10.95%. This is the most significant e-currency collapse from late september.


Eos cryptocurrency: drop price and capitalization

Eos market capitalization also decreased and amouunted to $ 3,1223 billion. This indicator is 1.34% of the total capitalization of electronic assets. In the cost eos capitalization reached $ 17,5290 billion. Then eos drop by 11% to predict it was impossible.

November 18th the cost of cryptocurrency ranged from $ 3,0743 to $ 3,4003. During the last week there was a drop in the eos course by 4.35%.

The volume of the electronic currency participating in the transactions was $ 1.6556 billion – this is 2.56% of the total bidding in the cryptocurrency market.

It should be noted that today the value of the asset is 86.62% less than was recorded during peak values. The historical maximum was recorded on april 29 last year, whe the price of one taken eos was $ 22.98.

However, eos drop by 11% – not the only disappointing news, the cost of bitcoin decreased by 4.44%, reaching $ 8188.1, and etherium – 4.12% ($ 177,83).

Bitcoin’s market capitalization amounted to 64.92% of the total market and expressed $ 151,1752 billion.

Recall that exactly a year ago in china, the cryptocurrency rating was created, the fist place in was given to eos.

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