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April 25, 2022
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In the european poker tournament (ept) prague held in prague, 25-year old adrian mateos won $ 20 million. Young man including beat russians.

EPT Prague Tournament Decided on the Winner

This time, buy-in at the european poker tournement was $ 10,300. Having won three victories during the competition, mateos not only received prize money, but also showed a high degree of endurance, playing with severe players.

More than 60 people took part in the competition, adrian mateos got to the final table through the prague tournament red spade. Next, 27 points joined seven second-day games. At the same time, seth davis, kale burns, kuang zhou and yuan lee came out, not even waging the stacks left. Daniel dvoraza almost reached the final table.

In total, eight players took appriate places and left with cash prizes. The ninth place occupied austrian matias aiberger. Of the eight of the specified players, three are penista from russia.

Adrian mateos beat derek ipa, making a call with ace and queen on his hands. At the same time, anton yakuba took third place from among the russian players, vladimir trojanovsky – fourth and arseny karmatsky – eighth.

Recall, wsop circuit planet winner will take home $ 200 thousand and champion ring.

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