Esportconf Ukraine 2019: Seven First Speakers Of The Cybersport Conference

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March 1, 2022
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June 13 in the kiev conference hall «depot» a events dedicated to earnings in cybersport will be held, – esportconf ukraine 2019 from smile expo. As part of the event with reports will perform leading industry experts.

EsportConf Ukraine 2019: seven first speakers of the cybersport conference

Want to learn how to promote a brand in cybersport? Why sponsor esports events and how to do it? How to build communication with gamers and use cybersport as a platform for business development? Find out from speakers esportconf ukraine 2019. We present you seven first experts.

Dmitry karpenko, weplay business development director! Esports – esportainment-companies, which is mediaresours and video products. Weplay! Esports works with famous commentators and analysts, and also engaged in the organization of online and lan-tournaments. In addition, the company is developing its own cybersport tournament platform.

Dmitry karpenko from weplay! Esports will perform a report «how to naturally integrate into cyberport» and talk about the secrets of advertising in the industry. Also within the framework of esportconf ukraine 2019, representatives of the it department of the company will speak to develope and integrate a separate tournament esports platform.

Andrei cherednichenko, dreamteam marketing director. Marketer with ten-year work experience, previously held the position of marketing director of the marketing of the celebration team na’vi. Now andrey – dreamteam marketing director – esports platforms that helps players to train, form teams and earn.

The topic of speaker speech – «1 million users in less than a year. How does marketing dreamteam». Speaker will share the secrets of the promotion of the platform and will also tell about its advantages.

Pavel dennaya, marketing director «kyivstar». I started my career as an employee of the call-center of the telecom-company «kyivstar», and after 14 years he became its marketing director. Ranked first in the rating of x-ray marketing awards for innovation in marketing, including for the support of cybersport.

Pavel read the topic «telecom and geyming: what industry can be useful to each other», in which will tell about the features of the tariff for gamers and cooperation «kyivstar» wargaming, weplay, esm.

Evgeny nikolaev, director of marketing windigo gaming and cybersport federation of ukraine (fcsu). Head of digital agencies gg marketing. Also performs the duties of the marketing director of the cembulating organization windigo gaming, whose bulgarian composition for cs: go became the wesg 2018 champion and earned $ 500 thousand. Prizes.

Evgeny will perform with the topic «marketing in cybersport. Non-obvious communication rules with gamers».

Gennady velkovkov, businessman and journalist, owner of the publication gameinside.Ua. In cybersport since 2002. Engaged in the organization of esports-competitions, held more than 1000 lan-tournaments, collaborated with rozetka brands, samsung, asus and pepsi. Indition, gennady for eight years fired at the large-scale eurod cyber games cybersport turnament.

At esportconf ukraine 2019 speaker will reveal the topic «ukrainian cyberport. The uniqueenes of the audience and the prospects for the integration of global and domestic brands into cybersport leagues and turnaments».

Ivan danishevsky, founder of esm celebration holding.One. Previously, the speaker was responsible for streaming and live broadcasts garena cis, and was also a creative director of the celebration tv channel gameshow. At the moment, created 32 products under the esm brand.One (including analytical agency esport charts, donendy dondy platform.Us and educational project for zeer streamers.Tv).

Arseny salay, president of the cyberfootball federation of ukraine. Speaker holds the position of director of fint esports academy, which teaches, trains and gives the work of cybersportsmen. Arseny has the experience of organizing esports-events, collaborated with nivea, lenovo, asus rog, infopulse.

Topic – «as brands calculate the effectiveness of advertising integrations in cyberfootball». In his speech, he will share information, how to sponsor esports events, and real cases from their practice. Read more about speaker speech – here.

Learn more about the program of events by visiting the official website.

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