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March 2, 2022
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The office of honesty in sport received the status of the international association. Measure is needed to emphasize the importance of the fact that the key place in global betting debates is the issue of transparency.

ESSA will appear as an international association

The association will remain a representative of the largest operators of sports rates in the world. Practically 50 brands use essa capabilities to monitor data.

Khalid ali, secretary general of the international organization, stated that the change of the name reflects the aspirations and the functional destination essa.

Over the past few years, the association scaled its own activities and is now presented on six continents, with a branch net of contacts outside europe. The management plans that its activities will continue to grow, because the regulated gembling markets continue to be intensified and multiply.

Ali adds that the discussion is global and the essa development strategy complies with the needs of the market.

The european association of sports security is the world leader in monitoring transparency of operations in the sports rates industry. Management is carried out directly by operators in order to combat corruption with collective methods.

The platform created by the association has become a highly efficient anti-corruption instrument that allows you to track suspicious activity in the global sports rates market. In addition, the organization has been cooperating with gambling regulators for many years.

Recall that the english rugby union has concluded a partnership with essa in order to protect sports events from possible manipulations.

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