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January 6, 2022
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The minister of social affairs tann kike has signed a decree on supporting the dissemination of the problem of gambling among minors over the next two years and the provision of comprehensive services addressed from gambling to persons and their relatives. The strategic partner of the state in this activity is the consulting center for gaming dependence.

"To get rid of gaming addiction, it im important to offer a person who recognized the problem and his or her close comprehensive assistance and support in the form of complensive services. For example, problem players are more likely to get into debts, which is both the result of addictive behavior and motivation to continue the game, so in addition to psychological advice, it is necessary to off issues.

Considering that children whose parents are played in gambling, the likelihood of developing problems with gambling is two times higher, it is necessary to conduct a study to understand how minor is involved in gambling in estonia. Theraefore, we consider it very important to support dignified of gambling for a longer period of time ",

– said kathleen mikiver, chief specialist of the department of public health of the ministry of social affairs .

"Covid-19 pandemic influenced the growth of gaming behavior both among young people and among adults. One hand, the game behavior first increased, first of all as a wid to spend time, but as itrevoped, other interests disappear, and it becomes difficult to return to study and work. On the number of gambling is associated with the hope of improving our financial situation, when employment opportunities decreased ",

– added pylle rih inertmitte, head of the consulting center for the game dependence mtü.

More than 200 needy receive free psychological advice, and debt consultations are planned to offer more than a hundred people.

Studies of gambling prevalence relate to the existence of problems related to gambling problems in society, as a result of which a person is experiencing problems in social, professional or material relations, relass and duties. Each second in estonia was involved in gambling, and the risk of pathological addiction to gambling among the population is 7 percent.

In early october 2020, the ministry of social affairs announced a round of submissip in order to searchar partnership in order to search for adner to support people with the game addiction and their relatives. The offer from the consultation center for gambling dependency mtü in the amount of 200,000 euros received approval.

Source: official website of the ministry of social affairs of estonia

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