Eteri Tutberidze Is Ahead Of Time And Sets Quality Standards, And The World Catch Up: Yan Showed 4lz

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April 25, 2022
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The success of the coaching staff eteri tutberidze is his perfect sensation of tendencies in figure skating. The wards of the russian coach are always ahead of time and ask new quality standards, the rest of the athletes are forced to catch them. Read more in our material.

Eteri Tutberidze is ahead of time and sets quality standards, and the world catch up: YAN showed 4lz

Eteri tutberidze changes the rules of the game for all

In one of the interviews, the choreographer of the group eteri tutberidze, which is responsible for almost all productions, daniel gleihenghauz, explained the reason for the success of the wards «crystal». According to him, it’s all about the desire to be ahead of all. The coaching headquarters feel thin that will bring victory in the near future, and makes a bet on it.

In the case of alina zagitova, it was a movement of jumps in the second part of the program. At that time, no one did, all the elements tried to distribute equal to the athletes enough for the jumps for jumping. This required special physical training, and the majority did not decline for it, but not headquarters tutberidze. Over time, this trend picked up the whole world.

The next step was the introduction of quadruple jumps. For a long time it wood believed that would not have enough strength to jump in four turns. But alexander trusov has already four types of quadruple jumps: salhov, tulup, flip and lutz, and the plans to do also rittberger.

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And now we see how the world successfully picks up this trend. In fact, tutberidze’s approach reveals new borders of female figure skating and makes it impossible to standard. Fallowing the wards, eteri georgievna – alexandra trucovoy, anna shcherbakova, elizabeth tursnbayeva, camilage valiyeva – four began to perform and figure skaters of other coaches.

Rika kihira in adult catania and alice in juniors. In addition to them, the real revolution also committed elizabeth tuktamyshev, who destroyed the myth that the fourth can only jump by those who teach them from childhood. But while the jump was repretesen only in training.

Andterday, also in training, the south korean sportsman yan. She purely performed the most expensive basic value of a quadruple lutz.

This means that the revolution committed by eteri tutberidze’s wards, becomes a benchmark. And soon from the coaching staff it is worth expecting new ideas that will promote women’s figure skating even further.

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