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August 12, 2022
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From 10 to 14 november, an expected event for hockey fans – the first stage of eurotour current season will take place – cabainal cup. Euro hockey tour (euro hockey tour) – annual hockey tournament, which is held during international breaks in the national championships for training athletes for the world championships and olympiads. By tradition, four teams participate in eurotour – russia, finland, sweden and czech republic. In each of these states, one stage will be held, following which each team will play will play others by one match. Learn everything about eurotour 2021/2022: schedule, format of holding, forecast and rates for winners.

Eurochockers 2021/2022: Schedule, Table, Forecast and Cefs BC
Content: 1. Rules of hockey eurotour 2021/20221.One. Cabainal cup 20211.2. Cup cup 20211.3. Swedish games 20221.4. Czech games 20222. Schedule and results of matches eurotura 2021/20222.One. Starting matches eurotura2.2. What will be the composition of the russian national team?2.3. Forecast for the cabainal cup 2021: bc coefficients

Rules of hockey eurotura 2021/2022

Eurotur hockey is held on regular basis since 1996. In the entire history of the tournament, 9 times the finns and russians won he, 4 times – swedes and 3 times – cherie. This year, the starting match of the cabainal cup will begin on november 10. One match from each stage is made beyond the country where a specific stage will be held. This time the meeting between sweden and the czech republic will be held in lincing. I wonder what topical sports news today is discussed.

The following is a format for holding hockey eurotura 2021/2022:

Cabainal cup 2021

Finnish stage – «cabainal cup» (karjala tournament) – scheduled for november 10-14. Competitions will be held in helsinki on an ice field «hartwall arena».

Channel one cup 2021

Russian stage – «cup of the first channel» – will be held in the second half of december. Recall that last year the games took place in moscow on «cska arena».

Swedish games 2022

Swedish stage – «swedish hockey games» beijer hockey games) – scheduled by the organizers for febrary. In the previous year, the meeting took place in swedish malmo – on ice malmö arena.

Czech games 2022

Czech stage – «czech hockey games» (české hokejové hry) – usualy pass in may before hockey.

Glasses collected in each tournament are summed up. Winning gets the team that will type the maximum number of points over the amount of all tournaments. The winner of each of the four tournaments receive a prize reward – €120000. Also, the main medalist of all four tournaments takes additionally €120,000.

Results of past tournaments:

  • Season 2020/2021 – russia
  • Season 2019/2020
  • Season 2018/2019 – russia
  • Season 2017/2018 – finland
  • Season 2016/2017 – russia
  • Season 2015/2016 – sweden
  • Season 2014/2015 – sweden

Schedule and results of eurotour matches 2021/2022

Cabainal cup

Schedule and Results of Eurotour Matches 2021/2022

November 10 (wednesday)

21:00 sweden – czech

November 11 (thursday)

19:30 russia – finland

November 13 (saturday)

15:00 swedeen – russia

19:00 finland – czech

November 14 (sunday)

14:30 czech republic – russia

18:30 finland – sweden

Starting matches eurotura

In the national team, sweden usually performs many participants of the khl, but this time only goalkeeper ska lars yuhanson. The rest of the athletes play in the home championship or in switzerland. Recognizable hockey players: ex-centeror «akbars» and «lokomotiva» lander, as well as a former player «montreal» jacob de la roses and speaking in the previous season for «spartacus» defender emil yus.

Czech composition is not so strong: there are few known names and the khl represents only two hockey players. Defenders yakub yerzhebek («spartacus») and david sled («jocherit») show not the most efficient season, and the transition of lukasch klock in «neftekhimik» in the offseason turned out to be quite successful.

What will be the composition of the russian national team?

In the russian national team, quite a lot of young people. At the end of december, oleg brrtasha will play in the youth world cup, and the tournament in the adult stage – ability to check the whole team.


Chekhovich, galimov, rashevsky, voronkov, torn – leaders of attacks of their own clubs. Despite the young composition, in the russian team there are 25-year-old elesin. And nikishin, telegin, cleaning and muhamadullin have long shown stable results in the top clubs khl. A year earlier, the russian team was lucky for the carnal cup absolutely youth national team and won in tournament. Today, the russian team is even stronger, and the motivation of both the youngest generation and the highest hockey players are high.

Favorites in the starting game specialists call more experienced tournament owners – finns who are preparing the strongest hockey players in europe – stars khl olkinora, manninena, grande and kemppine. On victoria finland in the match with russia in the main time in the bc «betsyty» offered to conclude bet with cef 2.03; on a draw – 3.50, and on the triumph of russians – 3.10. And in the bookmaker «league rates» such quotes are offered: to win finns – 1.84; draw – 4.30, and on the victory of russians – 3.65.

Forecast for the cabainal cup 2021: bc coefficients

The main favorite of the cabrie cup – owners. For the success of finnov «betsyty» offer cef 2.50. A little less estimated the likelihood of the victory of the swedes (3.00) and even lower – chekhov (5.00). And the russian national team, according to most of the betting experts, – chief anderdog tournament (6.00).

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