Europa League Final: Chelsea Vs “Arsenal”, Forecast For May 29

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February 25, 2022
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On wednesday, may 29, the europa league final will be held in baku. For the title of the winner of the tournament will fight two london club – «chelsea» and «arsenal».

Europa League Final: Chelsea VS'Arsenal', forecast for May 29
Content: 1. «Chelsea» ensured the exit to the lch, but not against the trophy2. «Arsenalu» vital victory3. Forecast bookmakers on the match «chelsea» – «arsenal»3.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru3.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
chelsea united kingdom
arsenal united kingdom

bk "league rates"

This year both finals of european cups turned out to be english. This fact greatly reflects the premier league, crowded with high-class players and armed with the best coaches. And «chelsea», and «arsenal» perfectly know each other. According to the estimates of statistical sites, 194 fights played among themselves in all tournaments, in which the victory gained more often «canonira» – 75, «aristocrats» celebrated «victoria» less likely – 62, another 13 times the fights ended in a draw.

Matches of these rivals are always tense and interesting, because it’s also derby. That’s just seeing these clubs in the europa league final is not quite honest. And «blue», and «pushkari» – these are those clubs that should fight for winning the champions league. The fact top players and coaches for this, so the fact that the point of the final looks natural from the point of view of their level, and dishonestly in relation to the teams that this tournament is more important (talking about the same «aintrahte» or «valencia», who flew in 1/2 finals).

We advise you to read a special material about the racist behavior of fans «valencia» in the game against the london team.

View final «chelsea» – «arsenal» you can on the tv channel «match tv». The start of the broadcast is scheduled for 21:50 moscow time.

«Chelsea» ensured the exit to the lch, but not against the trophy

«Pensioners», having lost all sorts of chances of internal cups and the championship, have already completed the task of minimum – finished the year in the four, and therefore, next season, fans will see their champons league. Yes, most of the season «aristocrats» shake, «sarribar» did not want to work in england, there were even crushing defeats (for example, from «man city» with a score of 6: 0), but the lch is ensurd, and there is still a finale of the europa league with it.

Despite the fact that – this is the second to significantly eurocal, fans will gladly come to him and him. Last time the won it six years ago, beat «benfika». We will not be superfluous to win the trophy for maurizio sarry, who, frankly, failed in england and may return to italy at the end of the season (by rumors, he has already agreed on the contract with «juventus»). First, it would smooth the feeling of the season, and secondly, the italian mined the first trophy in his career.

«Arsenalu» vital victory

«Canonira» also spent the first season under the guidance of a new coach, and it turned out to be the same contradictory. Moreover, the team under the leadership of unai emery could not finish the apl in the first four, and the only hope for hitting the lch is becoming victory in the europa league. And the chances of them are high. At least because of the coach who heads them.

Emery – real europe league specialist. Heading «seville», he won this trophy for threee years in a row. At the post of head coach «pushkin» he continued his hegemony in le. But will this magic work wort «chelsea» – unknown. In apl «arsenal» as losing wonds neighbors in london, so confidently won.

Will not be able to help its teammate armenian midfielder henrich mkitaryan. We wrote more about this in a separate material.

Forecast bookmakers on the match «chelsea» – «arsenal»

Experts believe that in the europa league final, just above the probability of winning «chelsea». But in fact, the chances of the teams are approximately equal. Both have an excellent attacking line, but have problems in defense. It is also impossile to ignore the factor of the final. At the readiness of the players, a long flight can be reflected, as well as the fact that not the stadium will be few of their fans.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Chelsea» – 2.4;
  • «Arsenal» – 3.0;
  • Draw – 3,3.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Chelsea» – 2.4;
  • «Arsenal» – 2.95;
  • Draw – 3.35.

Earlier, we we wrote that at the end of the goalkeeper season «arsenal» peter czech will return to «chelsea», but already completely in another quality.

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