Europa League: “Krasnodar” – “Trabzonspor” Again Ended With The Victory Of “Bulls”

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April 18, 2022
3 minutes

Group stague of the current europa league on the outome. Despite the bad beginning, «krasnodar» managed to win half games and earn six points. However, there is a serious barrier on the way «bykov» in the form of spanish «hetafe».

Europa League:'Krasnodar' - 'Trabzonspor' again ended with the victory of 'bulls'

«Trabzonspor» – «krasnodar»: result and chances «bykov» go on

Within the current le «krasnodar» and «trabzonspor» played all meetings. Both matches ended with the first we told in more detail in our separate article. At the moment we are interested in yesterday’s game, namely the match of the fourth round, which took place at home arena «krasnodar».

Everything! Confidently beaten «trabzonspor» and continue to fight for access to the playoffs of the europa league! Thanks for the support! # krasnodartrabzorospor # le # ligauropean # front pic.Twitter.Com / tkpntnrpyy

— fckrasnodar (@fckrasnodar)
november 7, 2019

The fight was almost equal. The teams hit each other’s goal the same number of times. The same situation was traced in possession of the ball: 52% in favor of russia, but in terms of the accuracy, guests were better than guests.

The main advantage «krasnodar» i became the implementation of the moments, which explains the score 3: 1. On day they hit the nets of the gate of manuel fernandeshe, who issued a double on the 27th and 35th minute, and ivan ignatiev, distinguished himself in extra time. Interestingly, one goal of turks managed to play alone on the last seconds of the match, immediately after the moment ignatiev.

With victory! ????????# krasnodartrabzorospor # le # ligauropean # front pic.Twitter.Com / p1d0jpprqw

— fckrasnodar (@fckrasnodar)
november 7, 2019

In a separate material, we analyzed the next round of the champions league, in which moscow met «locomotive» and turinsky «juventus».

Thus, due to victories over «trabzonspian» «krasnodar» earned 6 points, like going now the second «hetafe». However, the problem is that in the personal confrontation of the spaniards won, so and are above.

Thus, to go into the next stage, the russians need to play the remaining matches no worse than the spaniards, while winning a personal meeting.

Previously, we we wrote about the crushing victory of madrid «real» above «galatasaram», which extended the winning series of the spanish grand.

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