European Champion Explained The Reasons For The Failure Of Zagito

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January 27, 2022
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Multiple winner of the european championship and mira kerlingist anna sidorova expressed her opinion on the reasons for the failure of the zagito, the nerve nerve and the attitude towards the fourth jumps.

European champion explained the reasons for the failure of Zagito

Source photo: gazeta.Ru

At one time, the two-time european champion anna sidorova was engaged in figure skating for seven years, so he knows what difficulties athletes are faced with such difficulties. In addition, anna, which this year turned 28 years old, has extensive experience in participating in international forums.

According to athletes, not quite a good performance of alina zagitova in the last tournaments is primarily associated with psychology. According to her, win for the first time – it is enough simple, it is difficult to resist at a high level, taking into account constant pressure. All athletes who come to serious competitions armed with advanced technical set of elements, and then the matter is for psychology, – will the athlete can cope first with him. The champion believees that it becomes more difficult to cope with age.

Similarly, according to sidorova, it happened earlier with medvedeva, because at the status of a favorite and a valid champion. In addition, she has been injured shortly before the competition. The voltage was colossal, but, according to anna, eugene coped with him at a high level.

Shared his observations with the publisher «soviet sports» anna sidorova and regarding the fourth jumps that began to fulfill children. She believees that if the child himself burns the desire to play sports, then there is nothing terrible. The world is developing and to remain competitive, it is necessary to improve and develop their skills.

Recently, eteri tutberidze elizabeth tresnbaeva, wh, like medvedev, was previously enggaged in orser, demonstrated a fourth jump, which was not in the arsenal of figure skater.

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