European Championship: Alexander Trusov Gathered A Heavy Artillery

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May 3, 2022
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January 20 in graz (austria) officially began the european championship for figure skating 2020. But single women who are riveted in the greatest attention, start only january 24. About how russian figure skaters will please – in our material.

European Championship: Alexander Trusov Gathered a Heavy Artillery

Russians at the european championships are out of compettion

Unconditional favorites in austria will again be russians. Trio coward, shcherbakova and kosostna is practically out of compettion. No one of their european opponents have such a technical arsenal, like the debutants of the student tutberidze. The biggest attention will be riveted to alexander podovoy.

Learn more about sasha’s path in great sports in our special machine.

Sasha owns the biggest and diverse arsenal of jumps, and it is she wh the the thosh not yet defeated on a big turnament. And in the final of the grand prix, and at the championship of russia an athlete won «bronze» and could not roll out his potentially grand program purely. Will be able «russian rocket» cope with nerves and conquer the first large adult «gold» – the main question of this tournament.

The official isu website has a claimed figure skater program. Based on it, alexandra plans to jump into the kp triple axel, and in pp will present five quadruple – flip, salkhov, lutz and twice tulup (first in a triflar salum cascade).

Coward KP

Coward PP

As for her colleagues on «crystal» and the main competitors in this tournament, then anna shcherbakova in the cp will cost without elements of ultra-si, and there are three quadruple (two lutz and flip) in pp).

Shcherbakova KP

Shcherbakova PP

Alena costor will continue to bet on his riding and triple axel in arsenal. It will be present in a short program and will appear twice in arbitrary, one of them in a bunch with double tulup.


Costian PP

To see all the champions eter tutberidze can be in one place in the framework of the ice show «ice champions». We wrote more about the event in a separate material.

Earlier, we reported that elizabeth tuktamysheva will comment on the european championship.

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