Evenbet Gaming Expands Presence In South America With Apuest Total

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October 3, 2022
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Evenbet Gaming Expands Presence in South America with Apuest Total

Apuesta total, one of the largest operators in peru, expanded its multichannel offer of evenbet poker software, which allowed the company to benefit from the vertical, which survived a huge height for the previous 12 months.

Players will benefit from the offer of the platform, consisting of more than 30 poker games, in which both classic favorites and modern formats for every taste and preference. Evenbet provided apuesta total adapted version of the platform corresponding to the requirements of the operator.

Founded in 2014, apuest total has more than 400 items of retail rates and has large ambitions to expand its presence in south america. Partnership with the operator emphasizes the growing attractiveness of evenbet poker products in the region.

Dmitry starostenkov, general director of evenbet gaming, said:

"Apuesta total is an ambitious company with an impressive track record, and we are pleased that we have successfully implemented our platform for online poker in its ecosystem. We have expanded our presence in south and latin america for the previous 12 months and have witnessed the growth of the number of new customers in the online poker market. This new partnership will only strengthen our presence on the key market for evenbet. We are proud of the important role played in the expansion of the apusta total poker offer, and we hope to work with them in the coming months. ".

Gonzalo perez, ceo apuesta total, said:

"Seeing the impressive growth of the poker vertical last year, we wanted to expand our suggestions in this area, representing the service that would be appreciated by a wide range of players. With evenbet gaming, we have entered into partnerships with the best platform supplier, which will allow us to cover a new audience. The company’s experience and high-quality software guarantee that we are in a strong position to become a serious player in online poker environment in peru and beyond ".

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