Evgenia Medvedev Plunged Into The New Year’S Mood

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April 22, 2022
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Evgenia medvedev was unable to get into the grand prix finals for the second time, but i found a way to raise my mood. Read more about this in ours material.

Evgenia Medvedev plunged into the New Year's mood

Secret medvedeva before new year

This year, evgenia medvedeva turned 20 years old. For two years, the figure skater, in which the silver medal of the olympic games in south korea, two gold medals of the european championships, peace and finals of the grand prix, is experiencing certain difficulties in their career. Despite this, the russian woman remains one of the most popular athletes in the world.

This year it is nominated for a special award from the international skaters union in the category «the most valuable skater», netflix used frames with her in his documentary series explained, and fans are waiting for high-quality jerk at the russian championship.

More about the isu skating awards-2020 award, nominations and participants we wrote in our special material.

The russian championship will become a turning point for eugene this season. Now she is in the best shape than was at the same time last year. This is said not only by the coach and the figure skater, but also its results. Speech at the grand prix in moscow caused a positive reaction from the fans, as well as famous sports figures. We we wrote more about this in a separate article.

The Russian Championship will become a turning point for Eugene this season

It gives the reason to fans to expect from the bear high-quality breakthrough to the czech republic, which will open before the skater door to the european and world championship. However, it im impossible to deny that incomprehension in the final of the grand prix upset the champion. Zhenya itself was confirmed in an interview that he was always hard to experienced failure, as it actually refers to their work.

But, it seems, the figure skater found a way to raise yourself and his fans mood. She shared them on the official page in instagram. The athlete laid out two photos on which sits on a sofa wrapped by new year’s garlands. The post is accompanied by a signature: «look “monsters, inc”, and the new year’s mood appears».

Earlier, we were told about how evgenia medvedeva will be able to be in two places at the same time: on ilya averbukh ice show and at the russian championship.

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