Evgenia Medvedev Takes Congratulations: Figure Skater Turned 20

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April 20, 2022
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November 19, russian figure skater evgenia medvedeva marks 20 years. We collected in one material congratulations from famous sports figures in social networks that are dedicated to the athlete.

Evgenia Medvedev takes congratulations: figure skater turned 20

Congratulations to evgenia medvedev: from friends to the olympic committee

For his 20 years, evgeny medvedev received many awards and titles. She twice won the world championships, europe and the grand prix finals. Definitely the best career period of the athlete fell for 2015-2018. Now athletes in connection with the departure to another coach and high competition in female figure skating showed a certain decline. But «bronze» at the world cup last year and «silver» at the grand prix in moscow, in its fans hope for the rapid return of idol to the top.

About «silver» on rostelecom cup and the chances of eugene for the season we wrote in a separate material.

And of course, on a birthday, everyone who wanted to congratulate the figure skater wished her sporting success, they celebrated her triumph in moscow and much more. So, choreographer ilya averbukh, with whom the zhenya season has resumed cooperation, on its page in instagram noted that for him medvedev – it’s not so much about the medals and regalia, how much about the person. He called her a close and native man with an inner force and a rod. Noted the famous director and the role of mom in the success of the daughter.

Some were limited to short congratulations in storky. So, for example, a gymnast of daria spiridonova and the figure skater alena savchenko.



Other famous family sportswoman podrina posted a joint photo with evgenia. In this post, she called the performance of medvedeva on rostelecom cup with a real gift.

Did not cost and without congratulations of honored coach tatiana tarasova. She never hid his sympathy for the athlete and often defended her in the public space from the attacks of unfriendliers. Tatyana anatolievna also congratulated the mother’s figure skater.

Also congratulations arrived from officials and organizations. So, happy birthday congratulations appeared in «twitter» olympic committee and separately on the president of his russian division of stanislav pozdnyakov.


Recall that evgenia medvedev was chosen by the official ambassador of the russian olympic team at the upcoming games in tokyo. We wrote about this in a special article.

Of course, this is not all congratulations athlete. In the official group of figure skater, you can see a large number of posts of other famous personalities and just fans.

Our edition also joins congratulations and wishes evgenia medvedeva continued success on her sports path.

Earlier, we wrote about the celebration of russian male figure skating in moscow.

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