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May 12, 2022
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A little more than a month left ufc in 2020 between tony ferguson and habib nurmagomedov. Their press conferences increase the degree of voltage and force other fighters and experts to make forecasts and discuss the upcoming meeting. Read more about the opinion of several ex-champions – in material.

EX-Champions UFC Gave A forecast for the Fight of Habib with Ferguson

Tony gets to climb habibu

No one has been doubtful in the fact that the upcoming meeting between nurmagomedov and ferguson will enter the history of mixed martial arts. If she, of course, will take place. Recall that the battle for various reasons has been canceled four times. But if it still passes – the status of the best fight 2020 will be provided.

At least for this there are all components – long history of relationships between fighters, high level of their skill, grand expectations of fans and championship status. At the chance of winning the fighters are approximately equal and for each of them it will be the most complex career test.

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It can be seen at a press conference that turned out to be very bright and exciting. This noted the former champion ufc michael bisping, calling for everyone to revise it. The fighter noted the skill, what tony was used by trestoking, exposing his opponent in a disadvantage.

Previously, such a konor mcgregor was famous. Many experts believe that this approach helped irish defeat jose aldo. A similar game i started and tony. His coolness notic even a teammate habiba, the former ufc champion in the heavyweight weight daniel kormye, who, in particular, struck the episode with ferguson’s belt: american put it on the floor in front of habiba, and he eventually kicked him. According to kormye, tony did it intentionally to provoke a russian, and then enjoyed his little victory.

I wonder what «el cukui» working to bring out «eagle» from ourselves not only during press conferences, but also on social networks. One of these cases of internet pressing, we wrote earlier in a separate article.

El Cukui

Also, according to daniel, everyone in the club know that for habiba this fight will be the main test, much more serious than a match with mcgregor. Dc called it «the fight of the two best fighters in lightweight history» and did the assumption that he should turn out «cheerful for spectators».

With him agree and another ex-idol organization, anthony pettis. In his opinion, the fight will be good. At one time, showtime fought against tony and lost. He especially celebrates ferguson’s elbows, as well as very good, in his opinion, skills in jiu-jitsu. But at the same time, the fight will win habib. Anthony believees that it is the ability to control their rivals in the parter will allow him to take a victory.

Not left aside from the forecast and compatriot habiba, a fighter of a heavy division alexander volkov. He is sure that the fight will be interesting at least because both opponents have not lost 12 fights in a row. The most wolf is interesting to see what will be able to show «fergi» and how nurmagomedov will resist this, but at the same time a favorite, according to alexander, – habib.

Everything will solve the last round, on which, in opinion «drago», americans will no longer be visory. But «eagle» will hold his usual work, speaking first number and constantly pressing opponent.

But as it really happens – we will learn only on april 18, will be held for the title of the ufc champion in lightweight.

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