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January 17, 2022
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Estimated founder of the site football leaks, responsible for all major scandals of recent years in world football, detained by the police in hungary.

Exclusive Will Not: Founder Football Leaks Detained

Today was information that the alleged founder of football leaks was detained in hungary. It turned out to be a 30-year-old hacker from portugal named rui pintu. At the moment he is accused of stealing electronic documents «benfika». Male threatens 10 years of conclusion.

According to investigators, pintu since 2015 is engaged in hacking email mailboxes and theft of correspondence and documents of football clubs. All this time he worked from his headquarters in budapest.

Football leaks: ‘suspected hacker’ detained in hungary https: // t.Co / m2oft4dbrs

— bbc news (world) (@bbcworld)
january 16, 2019.

Football leaks – this is an online portal, which publishes information leaks, including about tax evasion, frauds for transfers and other illegal activities related to football. Since 2015, the site brought many problems and legal proceedings to a large number of famous football functionaries. After their publications, the spanish prosecutor’s office began investigating against mourinho, ronaldo, modrich, messi and neumar, associated with non-payment taxes.

Until this time, the founder of football leaks was almost nothing known. Once he gave an interview with the german edition of der spiegel, but i preferred to remain anonymous, introducing himself as john. However, soon after the site grounds there were assumptions that the conditional owner of the portal – portuguese, because often the focus of investigations concerned this country or her football players.

Favorite football player pravdauba from the world of football for a long time was cristiano ronaldo, but it did not affect pintu. That is «lixes» for the first time, information about the financial frauds of the athlete, which subsequently picked up the media and the prosecutor’s office of spain. As a result, the last thing ronaldo had to pay €19 million.

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