Exit To The Olympics 2020 Russian Women’S Team Accompanies Scandal

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March 28, 2022
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Russian volleyball players provided themselves to reach the 2020 olympics, which will be held in tokyo. However, this event is now discussing on another occasion.

EXIT TO THE OLYMPICS 2020 Russian Women's Team Accompanies Scandal

The manifestation of the russian women’s team of volleyball, sergio buzato, about the victory of his wards caused a scandal. The man was accused of manifestation of racism. The reason was his photo with a gesture in the form «dividing eyes», which he demonstrated after the team of russia beat south korea in the qualifying game to participate in the 2020 olympiad in japanese tokyo.

The gesture captured the photographer mia «russia today» vladimir song. Publication of the south korea volleyball federation (kva): its representatives turned to the international volleyball federation (fivb) and in the all-russian volleyball fedaties for such a manifestation of racism.

A fedração sul-coreana de voleibol pretende apresentar uma queixa contra o treinador da equipe feminina russia, sergio buzato, por um gesto em que os coreanos viram uma manifestação de racismo. Pic.Twitter.Com / mtrqdxgzkf

— alvespaulop (@pazvard)
august 7, 2019.

The fivb press service confirmed the receipt of the complaint and began its consideration by internal procedures, and also stressed that their organization of discrimination or insult on cultural and ethnic soil.

For its part, says: representatives of south korea missed the gesture in the photo. In fact, according to sergio, he was happy and applied to his players, showing their upcoming trip to japan.

Italian sergio buzato (53 years old) is included in the coach of russian volleyball players since 2004 and also participates in the preparation of the male team.

Recall that theme of racism is one of the sharp problems in the world of sports. For example, before 2018 world cup fifa championship, fifa specially trained judges to recognize similar moments to interrupt and even transfer the match in case of such discrimination.

And this year, fifa has introduced more stringent measures to curb racism, and for players, and for fans: for the second – at least the closure of the stadium and 18 thousand of the stadium and 18 thousand. Euro fine (for club).

Actively struggle with racism also in american sports, where such statements and actions of athletes cause criticism from the owners of clubs, politicians and senior management of the country.

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