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April 15, 2022
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October 30 in the framework of the 1/8 league cup london «chelsea» vick «manchester united». In this season «red devils» already won «aristocrats», but this match will not be exactly simple. Detailed forecast and expert coefficients – further in the material.

Expert Forecast for Chelsea Match - Manchester United OCTOBER 30
Content: 1. «Chelsea» ready for revenge, but mj – no2. «Chelsea» – «manchester united»: meeting statistics3. Forecast for the match «chelsea» – «manchester united» from bk «melbet»4. Bc coefficients «melbet»:

«Chelsea» ready for revenge, but mj – no

Teams have already met in the first round of the apl. Then «manu united» defeat «blue» with a score of 4: 0. It is worth noting that the result does not quite correspond to what is happening on the field, «chelsea» had good opportities to score goals and even snatch «victoria», but the one who scores, and now the team of lampard is preparing for revenge.

Interestingly, from that match, the london club has done serious work on himself, young people «pensioners» develops with seven-mile stps and shows a positive result not only in the premier league, but also in the champons league. So 22-year-old tammi abraham divides first place in the list of bombarders of the apl with sergio aguero. On his account alady eight heads.

A complety different things are «manu united». After not quite fair, but still a confident victory in the first round, they were waiting for a series of failures – draw «wolverhampton» and «southampton» and defeat ot «crystal palace» from «west hamom». Unlike «chelsea», which is now the fourth place in the tournament table, the mj is content only to the 14th. An unprecedented crisis in the history of the club, who after the arrival of alex ferguson forgot that it could be.

At the same time, the team does not progress, sulcher relies on the counterattacking football, which does not work at all against the clubs whoselfves prefer to clubs and wait for the counterattack. In a positional attack «devils» completely bad. You can, of course, to associate such a decline with a lot of injuries and lack of key players, but rightly notice – even with them «mancunians» were far from iteal

«Chelsea» – «manchester united»: meeting statistics

Butt if you forget about the form of teams in the last matches and focus on exact indicators, then, according to the estimates of statistical sites, for 185 games spent in al turnaments more often defeated mj – 76 times «chelsea» 53 victory, another 56 times the teams ended the matches in a draw. In the last five meetings, the advantage is also on the side «red devils» – two victories, two draws and one defeat.

Forecast for the match «chelsea» – «manchester united» from bk «melbet»

Experts bk «melbet» believe that «chelsea» more chances for winning. Frank lampard’s wards look more simply as a team, in the buildings of the coach, tactical thought and system are clearly traced. It shich the mentor had to be reelased at the inabiting of the season due to the inability to update the composition of more famous players (due town ban), was noticeably. Especially analysts allocate players attacks in the face of tammy abraham, hudson-odo, who returned after injury and mason mount. In addition to them, in the composition «chelsea» there are also proven masters in the face of willian, jharino and kovachić.

Nevertheless, the gap in the coefficients is not very big. Experts leave «manchester united» chance, despite the flexible game against «partizana» on thursday and overall the bad results of this season. Cause – in the first victorious match over «blue» and recent draw against «liverpool». In that fight against «red» most believed that the my has no chance. Nevertheless «devils» could even win. «Chelsea» lampard loves to attack and apply high pressure, and is unlikely «blue» refuse to philosophy and in this match. So, w «mancunians» there will be a chance for lightning counterattacks, which will again be able to work and bring the result.

Bc coefficients «melbet»:

  • «Chelsea» – 2,15;
  • «Manchester united» – 3.34;
  • Draw – 3,54.

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