Expert: Mayor Of Lviv Is Not Authorized To Ban A Lottery

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January 10, 2022
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Expert igor galitsky, commenting on statements by the mayor of lviv about the fact that it is necessary to ban lottery business, stressed that the restriction of the activities of state lotteries is not included in the competence of local authorities.

Expert: Mayor of Lviv Is Not Authorized to Ban A Lottery

«In the media there was information that the city’s head of lviv andrei garden was expressed by an initiative on the need for an immediate ban on lottery business in lviv. This issue is planned to be submitted for consideration by the executive committee of the lviv city council. Such initiatives cannot be implemented, since the proliferation points of state lotteries operate in accordance with the law of ukraine „about state lotteries in ukraine“ and licensed conditions for the implementation of economic activities for the production and conduct of lotteries», – noted galitsky.

The expert also stressed that the law of ukraine, regulating the activities of state lotteries, does not imply additional receipt of special permits from local authorities. According to the law «about state lotteries in ukraine», local authorities do not have the authority to establish restrictions on the activities of state lotteries. The same applies to the establishment of lottery business distribution items.

Lottery business is one of the types of economic activities, the regulation of which is not a member of local authorities. Such actions can be regarded as an excess of authority, because they will entail a violation of the rights licensed by the ministry of finance of ukraine lottery operators. If we are talking about illegal gambling institutions, then the termination of their activities is in the conduct of the law enforcement bodies.

Recall that the mayor of lviv sent letters of appeals to the owners of the premises, in which illegal gambling establishments are located, with a request to break the rental agreements.

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