Experts Analyzed The Draft Law On The Legalization Of Gembling In Ukraine

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April 13, 2022
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Experts expressed their opinion on the draft law on the legalization of gembling operations in ukraine. Analysis of the document in which there is no ban on gembling advertising, as well as underwater stones of his adoption – read in the material.

Experts analyzed the draft law on the legalization of gembling in Ukraine
Content: 1. Localization of gambling objects2. Ban gembling advertising

The government document commented on jury nikolov journalist and the ex-authorized by agia zagrebelskaya.

One of the important points, according to experts, is to counter the mimicrying of the halls of gaming machines under the pps of bookmakers or lottery kiosks. Including it is about the direct presentation of technology – machines with slot substitution – as lottery or bookmaker terminals.

Journalist notes that in general the idea of ​​transferring gambling objects in the hotel – good. However, he wonders how the gembling objects can be supplemented, unless more than 300 pps are allocated to bookmakers. Nikolov also notes that the lottery, slot machines and bookmakers are extremely difficult.

In this regard, according to zagrebelskaya, there is a possibility that slot machines will be placed under the guise of bookmaker’s bookmakes. The expert also notes that the danger represents gambling halls and casinos, and bookmakers and lottery operations – absolutely normal gembling-activity.

Localization of gambling objects

Zagrebelskaya also noted that in terms of the formation of profit of gambling institutions, the decisive role is assigned to the decisive role is assigned to the slots are of secondary importance. Logical, according to expert, the question arises: if the operator can accommodate the hall of slot machines at the hotel marked by three stars, why should it spend money and open a full-fledged institution in the hotel of high comfort.

Localization of Gambling Objects

Ban gembling advertising

The ex-representative of amcu also added that in the bill must be speaking restriction of the promotional activity of gambling operators. In her opinion, the ban shold concern all addictive goods – tobacco, alcoholic beverages and gambling, but the approach to regulating marketing activity of operators should be differentiated.

Zagrebelskaya believees that gembling advertising must be forbidden to fully, as the purpose of legalization is not to attract new customers in the gambling sphere. Against – the efforts of the state shaped be aimed at ensuring the opportunity to receive gembling services legally and not resort to the services of underground casinos.

According to the expert, the implementation of the gembling ban will be directly dependent on what department the control over this area will be entrusted. An important thing in this question is the launch of the regulatory body and the delimitation of its competencies.

Recall that the nardep daniel hetmans identified the elimination of illegal gambling business in ukraine as an inspection on the strength of the new ukrainian authorities.

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