Experts Discussed The Problem Of Combating Illegal Lotteries In Russia

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March 1, 2022
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June 3 in the press center of the publication «parliamentary newspaper» the meeting of experts was held on the topic of combating illegal lotteries in russia.

Experts Discussed The Problem of Combating Illegal Lotteries in Russia

Currently, the russian government discusses the changes that are planned to be made to the laws «about lotteries» and «on the state regulation of activities for the organization and conduct of gambling». According to the proposed innovations, federal tax officers can be endowed with the authority to perform control purchases of lottery tickets in order to identify illegal activities. According to government representatives, it will allow you to stop illegal work of gambling organizers.

The following experts took part in the docuptment of administrative and financial law msu julia krohin, first depet chairman of the commission on public control of the op of the russian federation artem kiryanov, member of the association lawyers of russia banza kipanov, chairman of the youth parliament with the state duma maria voropaeva and also representatives of the federal tax service of russia.

Experts fts rated the scale of illegal lottery activities today. They notic on blocking illlegal gembling resources, the amount of illegal gambling market is gradually reduced. However, according to them, the problem still retains its relevance.

In turn, artem kiryanov expresed the hope that as a a result of the adoption of this draft law, about 10-15% of the shadow market will switch to a legal zone. However, he noted that experts should pay special attention to financial statements.

Maria voropayeva commented on the situation with the decision of the government to simplify the procedure for identifying customers for russian interactive bc. She is confident that it will contribute to the development and growth of the market of legal russian bookmakers. Nevertheless, she noted that illegal companies use numerous methods, including innovative totract maximum customers toir sites.

Meanwhile, state russian lotteries bring million winnings to their players. So, the pensioner from tyumen became the owner of a monetary prize of 3.5 million rubles.

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