Experts Will Be Engaged In A Decrease In Unjustified Pressure On The Gambling Sector

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April 20, 2022
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Darina denisova, wh holds the presidency of a self-regulatory organization «association of bookmaker office», he enered the interdepartmental working group on implementation of the mechanism of the so-called regulatory guilloteine in the field of gambling.

Experts Will Be Engaged in a Decrease in unjustified Pressure on the Gambling Sector

This was reported in the press service of the president sro. It is known that this working group will be asked to create the so-called regulatory guillotine in the gambling sector. Also, the head of the bookmaker organization as a leading sectoral expert will take on analysis and revision of the government and operating in the field of gembling business to this day.

Denisov clarified that the gambling business, unlike many other business areas in russia, will be cleaned as much as possile in the regulatory framework. Supervision authorities in most cases perform low-exclusive and strict control of the work of companies representing this market.

The president of the sro noted that today the legal bookmakers makes a distorted assessment. Many equate the activities of legal bookmakers to something near the fact that the stringent requirements of the law and are the main sponsors supporting domestic sports.

The Working Group in Which Darina Denisov Is Involved, Will Hold The First Meeting in Early Decept

The working group in which darina denisov is involved, will hold the first meeting in early decept. The group, in addition to professional experts of the gambling industry, includes top-level officials from the ministry of finance and federal tax service.

The main task of the the regulatory guillotine is to reduce the level of excessive and low-altitude load on the gembling business. As one of the ways to perform the task, the revision of current legislation is chosen if necessary.

Representatives of the group will be assessed including incoming initiatives from government agencies. Bookmakers express dissatisfaction with the fact that the government does not entter into public debate with the participants of gambling businesses before making new initiatives for legislators. The outcome is to enter the parliament of bills, often negatively affecting representatives of the sector. To achieve competitiveness and honesty in this business, it im important to change the course of current events.

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