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February 3, 2022
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Barclays internet analyst ross sandler expressed the view the perspective of cryptocurrencies can create a new source of income for facebook and will help restore the price against the background of a series of loud scandals last year.

Facebook Coin will bring billions - experts

In his forecast, sandler noted that the release of cryptocurrencies is something extreme deversary at this stage of the company’s development. The expert also stressed that any income streams without advertising will probably be well perceived by facebook shareholders. Sandler also suggests that the launch of new cryptomones will increase the income of the company in order of $ 3 billion.

Barclays analyst remembered the original facebook payment project. In his opinion, this situation is similar. Developed by the californian company the menlo park in 2010, «loans facebook» represented a virtual currency that allowed users to pre-pay these loans in national currency, and then use them for purchases in the application.

Sandler also emphasized a significant scale of the project, noting that it is more important than all previous facebook developments.

Facebook blockchalter leader is david marcus, who in the past served as president of paypal payment operator. In addition, the company hired sevel employees from the startup chainspace. All developments are conducted in the conditions of absolute secrecy.

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