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August 15, 2022
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Facebook intends to refuse advertising gambling and betting on its platform. Social network decided after a similar step undertaken at the beginning of the year snapchat platform. This means that the social network users who do not want to see such advertising in the tape will be able to customize the issuance to their requirements.

Facebook IS Ready to Abandon Advertising Gambling

This news was announced by the british rate and games council (bgc), which calls facebook’s decision by the result of their joint cooperation over the past year. Representatives of bgc add that the organization hopes in the future to offer more new tools that will be useful to users who want to minimize advertising of gambling or get rid of it.

«This is another evidence of our commitment to high standards on the regulated market. I welcome this facebook solutions and urgen social networks and search services to provide users with the ability to refuse to view advertisements about rates and gambling. Adjustable gembling industry will continue to promote safer gambling, in contrast to the unsafe and growing black online market, on which there are no guarantees to protect players», – commented on michael duer, executive director of the bgc, for the future gambling insider.

This last step complempents the renewed sectoral code of socially responsible advertising, which was released last year. In accordance with it, members of the bgc are obliged to ensure that all advertising on social networks is aimed exclusively on consumers older than 25 years.

Earlier this year, bgc representatives also reported that they sent a message to twitter and facebook, encouraging them to establish age restrictions for social networking records. Such a measure would ensure that only adult users will see reports with advertising gambling.

We remind you that facebook’s online giant fulfilled the order of roskomnadzor and removed the content that falls under the ban in russia.

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