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January 6, 2022
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Cryptocurrency expert and co-founder fundstrat tom said that the fair price of bitcoin – from $ 13,800 to $ 14,800.

Fair price for Bitcoin - $ 14,800 - Tom

He explained that she came to this conclusion, analyzing the number of active wallets and many factors affecting the offer.

Is it confident that the price of the first cryptocurrency will grow again and will consolid at this level when it is started to take as an asset. Moreover, the expert predicts bitcoin to increase to $ 150,000. However, in his opinion, this will happen when 7% of the total number of visa account holders will be part of the bitcoin wallets.

Analyst believees that today the true possibilities of cryptocurrencies are undervalued. When this happens, the coin rate can grow to $ 10 milion.

Another expert agrees with him – investor mike novograp. He believees that the price of bitcoin will never fall to zero. Moreover, the novels believe that in 2019 the cryptonock is waiting for a turn.

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