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January 13, 2022
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Yesterday in 1/2 cup of the english league «tottenham» under the leadership peretelly defeated «chelsea» with a score 1: 0. The only goal with a penalty that was prescribed with var, scored harry kane.

Famous Coach Criticized Var After His Victory

Despite the result for his team, the argentine coach remained dissatisfied.

The semi-finals of the english league cup, which this year also has a sponsorship name «cup karabao», it turned out very tense, but not like bright events. The only goal in the match scored an attacker «spur» harry kane with penalty. But not his goal, but the events preceding him, became the most bright and conflicting point of the meeting.

First, at the fight, michael oliver fixed the position outside the game, but after that he had decorted to the help of the video signal and chanded his decision, calculating that there was no offside, but there was a violation. To both parts of the episode in fans and coach «chelsea» mauritzio sarry has questions.

So, coach «pensioners» it believees that his defenders in this episode turned off from the game, because the were confident that kane offside. In addition, the side judge stopped moving, which signaled about his confidence that there will be a whistle. On one of the repairs, it is also seen that kane part of his body is located to the goal closer than the defenders «blue», that according to the rules of football means the position outside the game.

Maurizio sarri wanted to prove a point that harry kane was actually offside prior to the penalty situation. #mymanager pic.Twitter.Com / hms65pslxy

— #sarriball (@sarribali)
january 9, 2019.

A number of internet users saw in the fall of kane unnaturality and considered that the striker «diving», that is, deliberately fell in the penalty area.

Harry puts it away! Pic.Twitter.Com / nlz7jd8oyd

— tottenham hotspur (@spursofficial)
january 8, 2019.

Despite the victory of his team, it remained unhappy with the use of the var system and coach «tottenham» peretel. According to him, he generally does not like this technology, although he realizes that progress does not stand still. Argentine believes that until clear rules for using video propulsions are defined, its use takes too much time. He would prefer to win without the use of var.

At the same time, the result of the game is already fixed, it is impossible to change or challenge it, despite the obvious error of the var system. Return «chelsea» the victory can only play her football players. Return match will take place on january 22.

The video transmission system is applied in almost all top championships, but in the english premier league it will be launched only next season, as in the champions league. Since the start of use, coaches and football players periodically criticize it. So, in september, the striker criticized her hard «barcelona» luis suarez.

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