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January 31, 2022
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Paul fua was recognized as innocent on all points of prosecution in a criminal case, which was headed against him in macau.

Famous Penicist Paul Fua justified

Foi filed an organization of an illlegal underground gembling club, which made rates on the matches of the world cup 2014. Similarly nominated by the us government.

The american case was discontinued sevel years ago on the basis that government officials were illegally received and also deceived the court before floor had the opportunity to prove their innocence.

In macau fua appeared before court two weeks ago. His lawyers invited several witnesses who confirmed the falsehood of accusations. Indition, experts witnessed that as a result of the analysis of records from the phone and computer, the floor was confirmed by the fact that he did not organize the acceptance of rates and did not cooperate with any underground bootting clubs.

Witnesses of protection reported that the floor right before the police raid came to macau to an important business meeting about a potential business project. The accusation side could not provide any evidence that fua was involved in illegal activity.

Recall that, according to analysts, gambling in macau continued to enjoy in great demand.

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