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January 13, 2022
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Jake paul and brian le, bloggers of the children’s entertainment channel, advertise a dubious site of mystery brand, whose users often do not receive won prizes.

Famous YouTube Bloggers Advertise Dubiouus Gambling Content

Youtube bloggers are advertising a website of mystery brand on children’s entertainment channels «magic boxes», in which there may be intended valuable prizes. According to available information, a little-known site is based in poland.

Directly on the resource there is information that minor users cannot take part in the draws, do not have the right to receive won prizes or compensation of nested funds. However, this fact fals into question, given the fact that the audience on which advertising of this brand is distributed is children.

Website creators argue that buying «magic box» you can win countless benefits – starting from ordinary spinner and ending wit luxury cars and villas. The cost of some «magic boxes» reaches a few hundred dollars.

However, the contents of the so-called magic boxes is not the only mysterious thing on mystery brand.

The site has a list of alleged prizes, which in an idea can get caught by the user in one of «magic boxes». Among others – photo of the bel air mansion, the cost of which is $ 188 million and which does not belong to mystery brand. The site calls mansion «the most expensive real estate in los angeles» and declares that its value is $ 250 million. At the same time, the champion of winning the mansion claimed by the site are 0.0000018%.

Many of the stated prizes have strange names or illustrated exclusively by photographs, withot any descriptions.

Site clients constantly complain that the did not receive prizes wh won.

Recall that the tighteening of the rules in games has an impact on the japanese gaming industry.

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