Fanduel Expands Genius Sports Partnership, Including Solutions To Interact With Fans

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August 5, 2022
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Fanduel expands Genius Sports Partnership, including solutions to interact with fans

Genius sports limited (nyse: geni) ("genius sports") announced a new agreement with the fanduel group ("fanduel") on the provision of a number of official data of nfl, content, media products and trade services.

In april 2021, fanduel was chosen as one of the official partners of the nfl at the rates. In the same period, genius sports became an exclusive partner of the league in streaming broadcasting and the distributor of official gaming statistics in real time, providing rates, including fanduel, access to their own nfl next gen stats (ngs) and official sports data.

Fanduel, bookmaker no. 1 in america and the largest mobile betting operator in the united states, introduces genius sports nfl. Genius sports is a legalized nfl advertising inventory for sports betting on digital platforms belonging to the league and managed by it. These assets, along with official nfl data streams, will create value for fanduel throughout the life cycle of the player from attracting players to pre-produal and in-game rates to long-term customer retention.

Along with the nfl content, the exclusive for genius sports, fanduel will also have access to the official content of genius sports, based on data, and solutions for real-time trade in various sports and thousands of living events. Genius sports has exclusive official partnerships with nascar, english prime liga, ligamx, argentinean and colombian football and hundreds of other leagues and federations around the world.

"We are pleased to cooperate with fanduel to help them create the most convincing and contextual opportunities for sports betting," said mark locke, general director of genius sports. "Based on official data, this partnership allows fanduel better to involve and monetize its client base at every stage of its path. We are very proud that we are expanding our relationship with a clear giant of sports rates in the us in such a way to fully confirm our long-standing strategic vision ".

"We are always looking for ways to improve our product, and the data processing opportunities obtained by this agreement help fanduel achieve this goal," said niel connell, ceo fanduel group. "A new package of suggestions, including official nfl data, will allow us to better serve our customers and raise the rating of the bookmaker office no. 1 in america.".

Source: genius sports official website

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