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February 3, 2022
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Fashion tv gaming group announces an exit to the african market, participation in big africa superershow 2019, as well as holding a fashion model contest competition, followed by party from fashiontv.


After organizing a successful netheeturging event in the framework of the gaming-summit spice 2019, which took place last month in india, fashion tv gaming group with the support of the fashiontv worldwide network sent to the african market. The company is going to bring an exclusive, fashion nematurging event on big africa superershow 2019, which will be held march 25-26 at the emperors palace hotel in johannesburg, south africa.

Indition, fashiontv plans to issue licenses to leading african gaming companies so those who were able to whoder thoshiontv brand – fashiontvcasino, sport, lotto, poker, bingo, games of skill and t. D. Star group of experts will share their opinions about the fashion and gemina industry.

«Fashion tv gaming group wants to combine high-fashion worlds and online gaming. We intend to offer our players and partners a little sophistication and luxury of fashiontv style, which goes beyond the relevant and virtual worlds», – noted aviv banner, head of the media department in fashion tv gaming group.

The gloramor party fashion tv will begin immediately after the awards ceremony and will last until the morning.

Recall that the big africa superershow 2019 event program has expanded and completed a number of new topics.

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