Fast Growing Bookmakers In Russia Will Become Potential Intruders

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August 8, 2022
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In russia, the ministry of finance, according to which the bookmakers and totals will fall under unscheduled insceptions if the risk indicators will be found in their work. Under the close view of the supervisory authorities will fall the fastest growing representatives of bookmakers. The document will be discussed until september 16.

Fast Growing Bookmakers in Russia Will Become Potential Intruders

In russia, there is a discussion of the updated order of the ministry of finance, according to which there are planning specific indicators on the market, helping to identify violations by bookmakers and tote legislative norms. If the results of the operation of the gambling operator of indicators, the supervisory authorities will be able to check more often and at the same time to control the activity of the bookmaker.

As noted in the explanatory note, risk indicators – these are parameters that fix the correspondence or deviation of the bookmaker from the control values. Indicators do not say that the operator violates the law or regulator requiements. But at the same time indicate a high probability of presence of such violations.

According to the document, the risk indicators of violation by bookmakers of mandatory legislative requirements include:

  • The increase in the number of events to which the operator accepts rates during the quarter over a 50% compared with the previous reporting period;
  • An increased rates for a certain period in comparison with the previous period in comparison with the previous similar period (month, quarter, six months or year) may be taken into account;
  • Identifying the facts of the inconsistency of the state of the game equipment with the stated technical data (two or more facts of inconsistency for three months, taking into account the data obtained from the media, from citizens, legal entities and other sources);
  • Identification of the facts of non-compliance of official data on owners, founders, members of the board of directors and other persons involved in the organizer of gambling of persons (two or more facts of inconsistencies within three months, data from different sources are also taken into account).

Bookmakers in Russia

In accordance with these indicators, each bookmaker or a tote, which develops too quickly and shows good income growth rates and client base, falls into the category of potential intruders.

Discussion of the draft order will end on september 16.

We remind you that from september 1 in russia there is a new system of distribution of taxes derived from bookmakers. Money is now distributed between sports federations and leagues. Changed the features of calculating deductions. If earlier bookmakers paid 5% of the profits, now – 1.5% of the total income from rates.

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