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March 16, 2022
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FDJ and PARIONSSPORT continue to cooperate with NBA

La française des jeux (fdj), the fourth operator of the lottery and sports betting in the world, and the national basketball association (nba) renew partnerships for several seasons. This partnership, started in 2018, will be continued in the interests of parionssport players, fdj group sports breed brand.

This partnership will allow parionssport to strengthen its position as an operator, especially in basketball, the strategic sport in the sports rates market. Thus, parionssport will receive exclusive rights to the image of the north american league in its category, as well as the right to images of its famous franchises.

After two excellent seasons of partnership partnership, parionssport intends to offer one of the most important offers on the nba market with more than hundreds of bets on the game. The brand of betting on sports fdj will benefit from increasing visibility on digital platforms and in social networks of the nba in france and will be the main partner of nba pick’em weekly 6, a free game that offers french fans a chance to win prizes, predicting the results of six games of the nba regular season every week. This agreement also includes a partnership in the following nba games in france.

Richard curta, director of the fdj sport rate department said:

"We are especially proud of the continuation of cooperation with the nba, a sign brand in the world of sports. Nba – the embodiment of basketball, the highest level of discipline. Our offer at the sport rates will be even more noticeable, and our customers and nba fans will be able to enjoy unique impressions. This partnership will become a strong vector of development of our brand parionssport in the next few years. ".

Cults sindhara, senior nba director for international games and fantasy, noted:

"We are pleased to resume and expand our partnership with fdj, the standard and the leader in the sector of sports rates in france. Since the beginning of the nba season 2020-2021 december 22, we collect millions of nba fans and customers fdj throughout france, offering them another way to have fun ".

In addition to the extended betting supply for each nba game, parionssport will offer many adapted materials (nba news analysis, forecasts, statistics, etc.D.), as well as competitions for visiting matches in the states.

Mary patrokes, recognized expert nba and the parionssport ambassador, will continue to publish its forecasts regarding competitions in the social networks parionssport every week. The brand also becomes a partner trashtalk, a digital source of information for all nba fans.

Fdj expects to continue partnership with the nba to intensify the development of its activities on the placement of rates on the sport offered on the internet and in the network of sales points. Sport rates are a growing market, and in 2019 it accounted for 21% of the group rates. Since 2019, parionssport rates on the nba increased by more than 40%.

Source: official site fdj

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