Fedor Emelianenko’S Last Fight: 2020 Will Put All The Points

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May 5, 2022
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Fedor emelianenko – real legend of russian mma. Under the contract with bellator he was left to spend two more fights, after which «the last emperor», will probably graduate a career. It understands the fighter itself. Read more in our material.

Fedor Emelianenko's last fight: 2020 will put all the points

Fedor emelianenko’s last fight in 2020 can become a swan song fighter

For many russians, the era of mixed martial arts began not with oleg taktarov in ufc, but from fedor emelianenko in rings and pride. «The last emperor» became idol for many, and his image of a cool fighter did not destroy even now, when a russian frankly reminds only a weak shadow of himself.

Earlier, the russian coach has shared reflections on the possible end of career emelianenko. We wrote about this in a special article.

It is in fact not surprising, because fedor has been 43 years old, serious age even for heavyweight. At the same time, emelianenko’s fighting style has always been highly returned from the point of view of energy consumption, and now the forces and endurance leave the fighter. The best does not become his ability to keep a blow, as evidenced by defeats from matt mitrion and ryan beider.

At the same time, fedor himself rather evasively answered questions about the date of the end of the career and, it seemed, did not recognize the deterioration of his form. Until a recent interview, which he gave tass. Even a little earlier it became known that fyodor will hold only the last three bellator fight. The first in japan, the second in the us and the third in russia.

The first ended by the victory of fedor. The date of the second two is not yet determined, but the fact that they will definitely be the last confirm the words of emelyanenko himself. According to the russian fighter, all in the family are waiting for it when he finishes. He himself is tuned for it, because despite the fact that he feels young, it feels that «slowly dresses». Also an athlete admitted that recovery occupies significantly more time and old injuries make themselves felt. He constantly feeling the big pain because of them and feels due to the pensioner.

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