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August 11, 2022
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October 23 at the moscow arena vtb will host a grandiose match fedor emelianenko – timothy johnson as part of the bellator 269 tournament, also known as bellator moscow. In the key event of the evening, a farewell duel of the famous russian heavyweight fyodor emelianenko will be held. The last emperor will fight with the american fighter timothy johnson, which in the 45-year-old veteran teammate – valentina moldavsky. Whatsian fighter, can emelianenko adequately complete his career or go to a sports pension with defeat – next in the material. Other sports and mma news on our website.

Fedor Emelianenko - Timothy Johnson: Forecasts and Cefs BC for Battle
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Fedor emelianenko

Surely every amateur of mixed martial arts heard about the name emelianenko. But the eldest of two brothers managed to glorify it – fedor. 45-year-old veteran stood at the origins of the development of the popularity of mma in russia. The last emperor became the first fighter, the confrontations of which began to regularly show on the territory of the russian federation. At the peak of the physical form, emelianenko took part in the strongest organization of the world of pride, the rather of which was more powerful than the ufc. Russians had to fight the strongest natural heavyweights that could use any prohibited substances. The significance of such victories is much higher, so the former pride champion is called one of the greatest heavyweights alltime.

However, now the russian fighter is no longer in the form when he won his enemy, crocop, khanta, as well as colman, shilta, goodridge, rendlman, silvia and orlovsky. The last time emelianenko participated in the battles back in december 2019 at the bellator 237 tournament and struck by kuinton jackson. Thus, fyodor goes to bellator on the record 3-2. Emelianenko quite easily defeats the same veterans as he himself. And two defeats the fighter received from other generation rivals.

Fedor Emelianenko

Height of fedor 183 cm, and swelling hands – 193 cm. Emelianenko owns sambo and judo, so he at the beginning of his career constantly went to parquet and defeated his opponents by sambichengs. But with age, the last emperor began to save power and avoid active struggle. Today fedor tries to dominate by knockouts, showing success. On the account of the ex-champion pride 15 ko / tko and the same sabmishev. Even now, the russian is fairly fast and powerful blows, but there are already sediments in fower, the reaction and endurance are reduced.

Timothy johnson

Johnson is much younger than fedor – he is 36. Timothy never showed too high results, but for a long time it is considered an elite heavyweight. American first performed in bellator in october 2018. Previously, heavyweight from north dakota was in roster ufc (2015-2018), but came out from there with a record 4-2. In the absolute fighting championship, he won shamil abdurahimova, marina tambura, as well as daniel omelianchuk, marcelo golm and alexander volkova. Within the framework of bellator, johnson stood out with successful speeches against ceecho congo, matt mitrion, tyrenella fordu.

To bellator 269 timothy approached the record 15-7. The growth of the american fighter 191 cm when hand is 198 cm. Johnson quickly hits his hands and has a decent anthropometry. This will give him the opportunity to at least drive the distance and counterattacking fedor’s miscalculations. In arsenal 36-year-old athlete seven knockauts. Also in five fights, he defeated sabmishen. Ex-applicant for temporary title bellator performs twofold all-american in the second division ncaa. Therefore, timothy does not have problems with fighting or huning.

Forecast for the fight emelianenko – johnson

The opinions of payment experts are reduced to the fact that the fyodor team was mistaken with the choice of the enemy for the last meeting. Emelianenko it was necessary to choose or the famous opponent (dos santos, overeem, werdy), or a weak enemy to complete his career with early victory. Johnson is not too popular fighter to propagate the name of the russian, but enough dangerous to win confident knockout. In the last fights, timothy fought perfectly with other veterans, and the only defeat of the athlete was from the young sambist moldavian. The last emperor will definitely not go into the fight, because he has no sufficient stock and energy for this. And in the rack, knockout ultrafast and explosive johnson not so easy. Many specialists put on the victory of johnson.

Forecast for the fight Emelianenko - Johnson

Bc coefficients for emelianenko duel – johnson

Bookmakers believe that emelianenko will win in the coming fight against johnson. On the victory of the russian fighter bk «1 schedule» offers to conclude a bet with a coefficient of 1.73. Rasiao johnson, the bookmaker proposes to put on it with a quotation 1.99.

In bk «league rates» give such coefficients: emelyanenko’s victory – one.80, and on the victory of johnson – 2.01.

After forty years, fedor won the victory and at stronger opponents, so many fans believe in the last emperor triumph. But for the period of battle, heavyweight from old oskol will be 45. At such age is not so easy to fight world. Timothy lost to the emelianenko teammate – moldavian, but he was much younger than his coach. Before the unsuccessful battle with valentine, american was walking on the winery and was one step from receiving the title.

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