Ferguson Vs Cowboy Serro: Forecast For Fight June 8

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March 2, 2022
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On saturday, june 8, the ufc 238 will be held in chicago, the most anticipated duel of which will be the confrontation between tony ferguson and donald serrone.

Ferguson VS Cowboy Serro: Forecast for Fight June 8
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The confrontation between tony ferguson and donald serrison is not headed by the card ufc 238. The fact is that their fight does not have the status of the title, unlike the battles of valentina shevchenko against jessica ai and henry sedeud against marlon moores. However, it is the opposition to el cowing with a cowboy shold be a real decoration of this evening.


Almost perfect fighter tony ferguson

For many tony – perfect fighter mma. It fast, technical, unpredictable, ready to cook both in the rack and in the parter. His win-win series is already 10 fights. Despite the fact that everyone is aware of his shock technology, most of the last victories of el cukuy won thaniques to suffocating techniques. His black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu black black, and the fergie itself is not different as «the main fear of habiba».

And indeed, tony, probably, the most dangerous rival for the invincible russian. But fate (or ufc?) due to otherwise. The duel between them is the case canceled. In april 2018, the long-awaited championship battle was held, but he unexpectedly canceled, the reason – ferguson’s knee injury. Now he again began his way to champion title and the fifth attempt to face nurmagomedov, but for the beginning he needed to defeat serrole.

In fight, the main victoria fighter has already received – overcame problems with mental health. About the difficult strugle of the fergie we wrote here and here.

Donald cowboy serrone

Ufc veteran, how often the donald serro experts and media are primarily important, in fact, for one year older ferguson. But the reason for his name lies in another – in the number of fights. They have 27 more cowboy the saturday opponent. True, on the same statistic, he lost every fourth battle.

But go through the good qualities of the american. This is a high quality drummer – knockout. His main weapon – powerful high kiki, which he did not once sent his rivals in the knockout. The thing is that donald has a good base of the kickboxer and thai boxing, in these martial arts he had impressive records. At the same time, serro also has a black belt on bzh and more thanks to suffocating and pain. True, it is worth making a remark that most of them were obsessed at the beginning of his career in mixed martial arts.

Now he prefers his rivals to send it off. Or go to himself. All cupboy career is very similar to the american slides, but at the same time he continues to be very loved by fans due to its active battle manner.

After serrone’s victory over yavita, mcgregor called donald to fight. We wrote in detail about it in a separate material.

Forecast of bookmakers on ferguson fight – serrone

Experts in the upcoming ferguson fight against serrone do not allocate the absolute favorite, but admit that the chances of winning a little better in tony. El cukui – technical and smart fighter. If it does not fall into the knockout after the powerful high-kiss of donald, then with a large share of probability will bring the battle to the victorious.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • Tony ferguson – one.65;
  • Donald serrone – 2.2;
  • Draw – 0.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • Tony ferguson – one.7;
  • Donald serrone – 2,15;
  • Draw – 0.

Earlier we wrote that ferguson – one of those who are preparing habib nurmagomedov.

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